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Holy Scribbling: Looking at Life Through a Sacred Window

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For some writers, scribbling is minimalon the periphery of their work. In Holy Scribbling, the scribbles take center stage and become the means to the message. With sometimes quirky insight, Katherine Moore takes us to sacred windows that allow the spirituality of ordinary scenes to emerge. From the stark beauty of a Mystic Dawn to the serenity of Simple Solitude, we experience the mysteries of nature, along with the routine demands of relationships and circumstances.

Holy Scribbling is a personal book, but the images in these works expand into a universal understanding of everyman. In poetic form, a sense of reality is captured with a minimum of words. Paradoxically, it is her appreciation of words that enhances a deep spiritual sense of solitude and silence.

As a contemplative commentary on glimpses of life, Holy Scribbling offers you the chance to see not only yourself, but also, possibly, God.

Take the journey with Katherine Moore through this meditative volume of verse, and you will experience more deeply that you are alive!
Jonathan Kelley, D.Min., LPC, director of the Presbyterian Counseling Center, Brunswick County, North Carolina
Katherine Moores collection of poems is visceral and haunting, yet joyful. She reaches into her soul and shows us the frustrations and agonies of daily life, yet through it all she keeps a sense of wonder and delight. Her poems will make you both laugh and cry.
Elsa Bonstein, columnist and poet

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