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Objects in the Mirror Aka Vulture Culture

190 pages2 hours


Robert Peterson Berkshire has had a convulted life, still in the midst of putting the pieces together, he is thrust into another compelling situation that has all the complexity that his intellect will be put to the test to discern and decipher.

Meanwhile, Professor: Dr. Henry Struthers contends with his own dilema. In the sunny confines near GreenVille, North Carolina; his prodigy, Thomas Bickerton is coming of age and when you add the beautiful, loquacious Emily Thurman to the mix all hell is threatening to break looose.

Even more quandary looms ahead as over in the regions of Iceland, Keflavik and Reykjavik sinister seclusion begins to rear its ugly head as the relationship between Ramona and Arngrimur Baldurrson begins to foment.

Just how do the relationships intertwine. That is the maze of puzzles that Robet Peterson Berkshire must ascertain as he embarks on this quixotic journey.

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