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I Can See Things

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I am a candidate for the United States Senate as an Independent and I have No Money and No Friends to help me.
I graduated from the University of Cincinnati, with an Associated Degree in Art and Architecture. During my studies in architecture I acquired skills to create small scale entities into larger life objects, from structures to world politics.
I have a keen talent in making accurate comparisons involving minute and major events; I can see inconsistencies and contradictions with clarity.
My wife Barbara and I are originally from New York City and moved to the Mid West during our early twenties. We married in El Paso, Texas while I was in the United States Army and later raised eight children. I completed seven years of active service in the military before giving up a career I never thought I would. When I gave it up we began civilian life with three children and it was difficult and sometimes I wondered if I would bring home enough of a pay check to feed everyone a balanced diet. I soon learned that God was helping us with needed spiritual and material necessaries even though, I didnt think I deserved it.

This book is a Political/Religious Time Line of America, beginning in 1942 when I was born until 2012. The Book compares my dysfunctional family life with current dysfunctional government politics.

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