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A-B-C for Alex, Bash, and Company: A to Z Animal Tales from Around the World

68 pages12 minutes


There is no better time in life to begin developing literacy and linguistic skills than as a toddler. Authors Pascal and Vickie Soman put this wisdom into practice in their new childrens book, ABC for Alex, Bash, and Company. Each page features a letter of the alphabet and a poem told by an animal whose name and species correspond with that letter.

Your child will be exposed to the alphabet and exotic animals from around the world, and also to languages from all over the world. Each page also features three wordshello, thank you, and goodbyein twenty-six different languages, complete with pronunciation guides.

Helping your little one get off to a good start by exposing him or her to other languages is vital to improving the chances of mastering a second language later in life.

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