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Simply Revelation: An Easy Understanding to the Unveiling of Christ

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Book of Revelation: Commentary Study Guide

This study guide is designed for personal and small group studies for the book of Revelation. Easy to follow interpretation helps guide the reader through the complex passages of the final chapter of the bible.

Out of the vast stream of biblical interpretation, perhaps the largest tributary consists of commentaries upon the book of Revelation. Spanning centuries, some of the best minds and most devoted men and women have graced us with their works.

The spiritual attack upon the future world has never been fully addressed in chronological detail due to a misinterpretation of certain chapters and passages. Nor has symbolism of certain words and expressions amply made sense, until now.

"Simply Revelation" is an aspired work providing the reader elementary, yet pertinent answers in each chapter that God has conveyed. Propel your mind and soul into a new perception of prophecy, enhancing your faith toward an intimate relationship with God.

"I find fascinating the simple message within the complex passages of the Bible. The symbolic idioms in Revelation are used and interpreted with the same figurative definition throughout the entire Bible." The author adds, "Revelation is a symphony with a progressive, crescendo message of God's covenant for mankind."

T. R. Estep's desire to become intimate with God has led him to over 30 years of study. He has shared his findings by serving in teaching ministries at various churches.

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