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Going Home: A Collection of Novellas and Short Stories.

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In his first collection of short stories, author Bill Mooney presents a journey through the minds of complex characters seeking life change amid turmoil and shares a window into the foundation of what creates a simple life: love, commitment, and self-discovery.

In Eddie Masters Down Under, Eddie Masters is stuck in Australia, living the life of a drifter and awaiting funds to get back to the States. But when he is offered a tempting proposition, Eddie is faced with a tough decision. Hunting the Kohinoor introduces Walt and Abbey St. George, an attractive married couple who once had lofty dreams and goals, but now live a humdrum life in a Philadelphia suburb. But when a renowned jewel goes missing, the St. Georges decide to go hunting for the diamond worth millions of dollars, sending them on an adventure halfway across the world. In Going Home, newspaper reporter Willie Cole, who has just finished writing the obituary for his friend and co-worker, has no idea his life is about to take a dramatic turn.

Going Home is a poignant collection of engaging novellas and short tales that, through the unforgettable experiences of its diverse characters, share the important message that choices inevitably lead to destinies.

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