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Finding Positivity

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Michael Doray found his purpose when he started volunteering. Through helping others, he cultivated a positive attitude that has helped him overcome numerous obstacles.

As someone who lived in an environment where physical and emotional abuse was normal, he could have chosen to lash out. Instead, he focused on building strong relationships with the people he helped at a nursing home. He ultimately spent more than three thousand hours volunteering at the nursing home, and he has been helping people ever since. In this memoir, he shares how he escaped a life of misery by reaching out to others.

The lessons he learned on positivity served him well later in life. As he came to terms with being gay, he faced the difficult prospect of prejudice and of identifying himself as one of a minority group. Even so, he managed to keep a positive attitude through the most difficult of circumstances.

Through Finding Positivity, you can discover the strength you possess to overcome whatever difficulties that may be standing in your way. Even when times are tough, you can accomplish great things by maintaining a positive attitude.

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