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The Rhineland War: 1936: The Way It Might Have Happened

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It is a what if historical play. It considers what might have happened if Britain and France had reacted to Hitlers rearming of the Rhineland in 1936 with military power rather than ineffectual protests. Would this have prevented the Second World War?

The play also shows the power of the media in guiding public opinion and raises some more general questions like: Preventative wars do they ever achieve anything? Can democracies ever win against fanatics? How far should a democratic government go in accommodating dictators?

The scenario painted within the play is plausible. The views and acts of the various characters are in line with what they could have been expected to say and do at the time, and what we now know from various historical sources, e.g. Lansbury statement about disarmament, Lloyd Georges account of his meeting with Hitler, the French Prime Ministers speech on the day the Germans moved into the Rhineland and reminiscences from Churchills war memoirs including his visit to Germany in 1932.

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