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Ahkabal-Ná 2100. Third Part: Myths and Legends of Petalcingo, Chiapas, Mexico

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Finally, the cavalier Shanhuinic, the serpent, has been freed from the dangerous hand of the man. He put his life at risk for centuries. How many times has he escaped death, the slashing of machete and the hitting he received for trying to cross the roads in his serpent form, carrying at his back the heavy treasure chest. But thanks to Nicols, though with his dull mind, he was able to help and save the serpent from the final slashing of
More than a recognition, Shanhuinic considers it as a profound gratitude on his part. Tatic Mamal decided to offer the treasure box to Nicols. Hes worthy for this fortune because of his bravery and patience. It now depends on him if he will flourish his wealth or allow it to vanish. He also has the witchs rings. May everything go well.

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