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Arrival: First in a Series

312 pages4 hours


Mason City Police Detective Mark Daniels wishes his life were over. Reeling from the sudden death of his wife and the shooting of his long-time partner, he finds himself scrambling to save his home from foreclosure. One afternoon, a young black woman named Julie Warren waits on his front porch, hoping to rent out his wifes studio. What no one knows is that Julie is actually an immortal being. She has come to Earth after millions of years of travel in an attempt to embrace her human side, knowing that she is capable of killing Earths inhabitants with a single thought. As Mark returns to work after a long absence, he finds himself with a new case and a new partner, Detective Cassie Edwards. She also has secrets, and much to prove after a disappointing career with the Seattle Police. Together, the detectives delve into a simple assault case. It quickly turns into a web of theft, deception, murder. It also beings to involve Julie, and risks the exposure of secrets to a planet not ready for them.

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