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Unattainable U

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Daneen James decided to move when her job gave
her the option to relocate to another state, since they
were making cutbacks at the particular branch of the
bank where she worked. With this move she meets
Camille, who she later becomes very close with. She
likes Camille a lot, but it was her best friend Udonis
Grant Blackwell III, a club owner and also an aspiring
singer that Daneen wants to become even closer with.
Even with the knowledge that Udonis is taken, Daneen
still makes it her secret mission to get what she
wants, but at what cost? Her friendship with Camille?
Camilles friendship with Udonis? Does she succeed in
her plan or does it become a distant memory due to
an unforeseen turn of events? A turn that could cost
her everything, ultimately jeopardizing her obtaining
the Unattainable U.

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