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Veil Mountain: A Father and Son 'Coming of Age' Story, with Mystery, Secrets and Forgiveness

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Mark earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Sierra Nevada College in 2007 and published his first book, "EAST OF PARADISE, WEST OF EGO", at that time. (It is a story of addiction, rehab and recovery.)

Mark continued his education at Chapman University in Orange, California, with hopes of eventually becoming a professor and writer. In 2009, he received his Masters Degree and completed his second novel, "VEIL MOUNTAIN", which he had used as his thesis. "VEIL MOUNTAIN" is a father and son 'coming of age story', with mystery, secrets and forgiveness.

Due to many discouraging events; i.e., student loans that were beginning to come due, inability to continue his education, and no job opportunities, Mark became severely depressed. This led to his taking his own life on July 1, 2010.

It is my goal to see that "VEIL MOUNTAIN", (Mark's book) is published; so that his family and close friends can have their own personal copy as a special remembrance and keepsake that can be read and enjoyed many times.

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