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God Changes Things: Just Because He Can

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You have made a conscious decision to surrender all to God, because of the emptiness you somehow were unable to fulfill. For as long as you can remember, your life has been broken, and brokenness can be a variety of things. Abuse, insecurities, despair, sorrow, addictions, and hurt, while in the midst of that brokenness, you heard Gods voice calling your name.

You run to Him, seeking His guidance for new life with purpose, and you do it with joy and gladness; in humility, you vow to serve only Him. Then, somewhere in your walk, religion sets in, and you get distracted. Traditions become your motivation, and greed becomes your inspiration. Your memorized Scripture becomes I come to give you life more abundantly.

The One you vowed to serve has become your servant. Where you once looked for spiritual growth, you now look for power and prosperity. God Changes Things teaches you how to embrace Gods true purpose for your life and helps you to rediscover the true meaning of salvation.

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