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Venom of the Queen Bee: Eleventh in the Prairie Preacher Series

268 pages3 hours


Diane Waggoner is on the cusp of finally finding happiness in her life. After becoming engaged to former priest Matt Harrington, Diane prepares to visit her invalid mother at a care facility in Portland, Maine-knowing that she is walking straight into a web of hatred. But until she has the courage to stand up to her mother once and for all, Diane knows she will never be able to reclaim he r life.

Loretta Berg will do anything in her power to dominate her children with constant criticism and devious trickery. As her family arrives to visit, expectations are high on both sides. But as strong wills and conflicting desires surface, everyone questions whether the sniping, selfish Loretta will ever be capable of loving anyone, including herself. When one of Lorettas vindictive acts goes too far, action is necessary. Diane and her family must quell her hostility.

In this emotional, wrenching novel, the future of a family led by a dysfunctional matriarch hangs in the balance as they consider their welfare, her punishment and salvation.

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