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Once Upon the Water

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Once Upon The Water is a series of adventures that take you fishing along with the author from Canada to Mexico with numerous stops closer to Mike Yurks home in the upper Mid West. But the adventures are more than travels to faraway places and catching fish. They are memories shared with friends and family that make them. There are recollections of fishing over the years with a cousin, taking Mikes 82 year old mother fishing, a tribute to the grandfather who taught Mike how to fish, and reminiscences of his father while fishing his fathers favorite trout stream. Adventures with his son and sons-in-law illustrate the special relationships formed and crazy antics occurring while fishing together. A lazy day of fishing on a hot summer day with Mikes wife evoke the joys of when the living is easy. There are fishing tales from Alabama in an email from England and a testimonial to a buddy who travels from Germany to fish in America. Join Mike and long time friends as they fish when it is twenty below zero on a winter day in northern Minnesota, a trip when they catch walleyes from a remote lake in Canada and on another adventure where they fish for smallmouth bass that are as big as footballs. Old bonds are rekindled with family and friends during an annual gathering where the champagne and memories flow. An old and new friend fish together in Key West and a new fishing buddy is found due to a chance encounter on the way to Mexico. Fishing is an adventure not because of where you are or what you catch but because of the people who share it with you. It all starts once upon the water.

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