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Once a Fan: Why It Is so Hard to Be a Sports Fan

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Jim Cherneskys first documented act in the sports world was making his own baseball cap in kindergarten in 1955. His involvement would not end there. In fact, sports have played an important role throughout his life. In Once a Fan, Chernesky narrates his lifelong interest in sports along with the thrills, the disappointments, and the lessons shared with fans and participants of all ages and skills.

In this memoir, Chernesky explores watching, participating in, and coaching sports. Once a Fan illustrates his personal exposure to a simpler time of life and the excitement of watching favorite sports heroes when they represented all that was good about life and growing up. It documents his personal participation in sports from an early age through adulthoodrecounting learning the game, developing skills, and participating with friends and teammates. He discusses sharing the sporting opportunity with a new generation through coaching and teaching.

Once a Fan explores the memories and the lessons learned of what sports was, what it is now, and what it could be again.

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