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Mandy, Princess of La La Land: “The Green Monster”

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Mandy and her Abuela (Spanish for grandmother) shared a special bond. With their very vivid imaginations, they were constantly playing pretend, along with her cousins, Nathan and Aiden. Abuela was always reading and telling them stories about a horrible green monster from the island she was born in. This monster stole Christmas, food, toys, but more importantly, he stole their freedom.

In one of her many vivid dreams, Mandy, her cousins Nathan and Aiden, and their best friends, Katie and Kenny, went off into the forest to free the children and people from Cuba. After fighting off guards with their magic powers, they managed to capture the Green Monster. Together, with all of their love, they had transformed the green monster into an innocent little frog. Children came out from everywhere to celebrate, dancing and singing while tears of joy were running down their little faces.

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