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Under the Radar: Some Rhyme...Some Reason/Some Rant...Some Rave

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Poetry is a relative term these days. It seems anyone with an ax to grind or a rant to rave can get up in a dingy venue and call him/ herself a poet. We all know from school days what poetry used to sound like, however, that form has pretty much been abandon and or adapted to fit our times for better or worse. Some still try to hit the mark. In the pages of this volume S.A. Gerber has attempted to put together the best of all worlds. Having been well received reading in poetry cafes from Los Angeles to Seattle to Las Vegas, as well as in several varied Poetry Journals, he has for the first time decided to place some of his work between two covers for readers to access. His work ranges from pointing to the outrage of a changing world to the inner turmoil of self destruction, discovery and possibly realization. Pulling the scabs off of societys injustices as well as personal demons always with the word.

Some have referred to him as, the best of the least knowns. Perhaps this volume will help to shine a little light on the subject. Enjoy.

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