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Nonsomnia is a book of short stories of Cypriot writer Maria Raven. Inspired by her own childhood memories and dark imagination, Maria tries to describe people’s nightmares, lucid dreaming, weird illusions and hallucinations. Many questions are still unanswered which she wants to raise in her book. Is there God and what the soul is? Why do we exist and what is there after death? And where there? What if we all just have been sleeping for a long time and cannot wake up? Is our reality the only one or there are many others? Well, there are some; and if you read attentively, then you can find a key in this book of short stories. Don’t be afraid to start. The time has come. Wake up and go for it!

Urban legends, zombie children, museum horrors and family dark secrets. All that and even more you can find in Nonsomnia right now. Don’t miss!

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