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A new interest in evangelistic work is manifesting itself in different ways. Some people are giving themselves to prayer, that God will give us “an old-fashioned revival.” On the other hand, a great many people, equally devoted and sincere, yet who are out of harmony with what they speak of as the older methods of theological thinking, are nevertheless looking for some visitation. These, instead of praying for an old-fashioned revival are attempting to forecast the lines of what they call “the new evangelism.” Now I do not want to be unkindly critical, for I am profoundly conscious that the underlying fact in each case is of supreme value, but I would never pray for an old-fashioned revival, nor would I attempt to forecast the lines of a new evangelism. But why not pray for an old-fashioned revival? Because I want God’s next new thing. Then why not forecast the lines of a new evangelism? Because one evangel is enough for all time.

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