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February:Torment: A Prentiss Park Murder Mystery

46 pages44 minutes


Somebody objects to the Bank of America settlement with investors to tune of 315 million, and expensive properties are going up in smoke.

The arsonists are not only incinerating dreams, they're taking lives. Prentiss Park gets involved in a case that promises to leave behind a whole lot of nightmares that will haunt her for some time to come...

The local FBI liaison is convinced that there is a connection to Detective Prentiss Park's recent “Apocalypse 2012” serial murder cases.

With the help of a sinister stranger--a man she was sworn to kill--Prentiss begins to unfold a plot that takes her deep into the heart of the supernatural, terrible enough to plunge the whole world into darkness...

This is a serialized novel. Look out for March: Trespass.

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