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Victory Within: The Wealth That Lasts

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This is the fourth book in the series, The Wealth That Lasts. In this book, the author does a complete expose of the Devil and his tricks and antics.

In this time and age, forces tend to contend with us whenever we desire to do good, live right, or remain focused in good deeds as our Creator designed. When these forces crush in on us, we are often paralyzed and petrified by fear, and our usual reaction is to look outward for help.

Victory Within points us inward, showing us in simple language that the potential to succeed and have everlasting victory in every endeavor of life is within us. We therefore, ought always to look inward. We have already been given powers within us for overcoming failure, defeat, and to live victoriously all our lives.

How powerful is the Devil? Could it be we ascribe more power to the Devil than he has? Is it possible the Devil is actually powerless? Can we be actually victorious in all that we do? The answers to these and many more questions are found within the pages of this book. The book then goes on to show you how to take your stand against the Devil. It leaves you with no doubt about what to do.

Taken together with the other books in the series, this becomes an invaluable resource in our fight against the Devil and in our growth toward living victoriously in everything we do, which is The Wealth That Lasts!

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