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No Greater King: A Story of Slavery and War

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In 1860, slavery flourished in Texas. With the Civil War imminent, Easterners brought slaves to the West in droves. By the eve of the Civil War, almost one-third of the Texas population was slaves. The author seeks to portray the slave experience, as viewed through the eyes of the slaves.
Caleb, a young slave on a cotton plantation in Brazoria County, Texas, experiences the trials and tribulations of slavery. Things change dramatically when his genial Master dies, only to leave his sadistic son, Sandy, in charge.
Meanwhile, in 1861, the plantation owners other son, Win, volunteers to fight in the Confederate Army and enlists with Terrys Texas Rangers. We follow him as he trains, drills and travels with the men to fight in the Battle of Shiloh.
The novel tells the story of the lives of Caleb and Win during this turbulent period.

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