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Apostolic & Prophetic Dictionary: Language of the End-Time Church

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God is continually speaking and revealing certain key truths and phrases of revelation, and whether we are new believers or ministry leaders, the language of revelation and truth can empower us to become part of Gods restoration. But first we must understand this language.

The Apostolic & Prophetic Dictionary: Language of the End-Time Church is a necessary tool for all who desire to be part of Gods present-day apostolic and prophetic movement. With over five hundred well-researched, comprehensive entries, it offers an insightful way to learn about the revelations needed for the body of Christ to fully embrace the model of the church seen in the book of Acts.

Learn phrases and words central to the language of revelation:

Transfer of wealth, seven mountain kingdoms, anointing, impartation, activation, signs and wonders, prophets in the marketplace, Elijah company of prophets, apostolic covering, Joshua assignment, and much, much more.

Also unlock vital words of the Bible in these fields:

Eschatology: Armageddon, rapture, end times, millennial kingdom, Antichrist, and great tribulation.
Apostolic terms: deliverance, healing, apostolic order, commissioning, and ordination.
Prophetic terms: open doors, Gods timing, Gods release, prophetic warfare, and prophetic praise.
Movements: apostolic and prophetic movement, kings and priests movement, saints movement, glory movement, new wine movement, and kingdom now movement.
Gifts of the Holy Spirit: special faith, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, prophecy, and discerning of spirits.
Works of the Holy Spirit: demonstration of power, power evangelism, holy laughter, and slain in the spirit.
Key Hebrew and Greek terms: parakletos, sozo, kabod, hoius, tecknon, and apokulupsis.
Common but misunderstood terms: grace, salvation, calling, and deliverance.

The Apostolic & Prophetic Dictionary is needed for todays church, and it promises to be unique, relevant, and full of revelation.

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