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Office Space: The Book

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This book is intended to acquaint you with the business of office space leasing, to provide information on all the critical decisions to be made to show that an office lease can be opportunistic for the tenant and how we approach it at Barry J. Bass & Co.

Leasing office space is costly and complex. It involves knowledge of intricate and ever-changing market conditions. Barry J. Bass & Co. is a professional office leasing company representing both tenants and landlords and dedicated to obtaining the very best office space leasing opportunity for the clients we serve.

Few tenants, who move their office every 5, 10, or 15 years, have the technical information and understanding required to negotiate for office space. The financial, legal, and construction aspects involve many variables, each with different costs and impact on your company. Obtaining a properly constructed lease document with financial advantages, along with efficient office space in the right building requires professional know-how. An office lease agreement will affect your company for many years. The achievement of an advantageous lease situation should provide protection, flexibility and opportunity.

Initially, we help the client analyze and understand its present situation. A determination is then made as to what is presently advantageous and what needs to be changed. Based on those needs, objectives are set. We then identify all possible space opportunities and the cost of each. Our client is then able to measure the various costs of achieving each of his objectives. Because we have vast experience and understanding of office building finance we are able to create a flexible financial package to help our client obtain the desired space.

Our goal in tenant representation is to serve the interest of the client throughout the entire space acquisition process. We work to bring economic opportunity in a lease agreement.

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