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Not Simply Bad: . . . Plainly Evil

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You don't know bad until you know JB. And you won't begin to understand JB until you consider the genre. He was and they are anomalies and anachronisms: warped types out of dark times.
JB and guys like him are ghoulish in their perversion. They're flagrant in their violence, cabalistic in their psychopathic nature, and, dangerous in their psychological indifference.
OK, it's fiction, but there's a lot of truth to it. So, it's the truth; it's just not the whole truth.
So, is this a tale or a study? Is it opinion or research? And, will any of those questions matter when considering the elements and essence of the issues? Maybe . . .
We may know something about what contributes to virulent antisocial behavior but we don't know enough about it to forestall it. Maybe we will. Maybe not. But what do we do about it in the meantime? That's the burning question.
Because they're perverse, we might justly call them miscreants or brutes or degenerates. Those terms are almost euphemistic, though, when applied to the diabolic guys referred to here. They're not just barbaric; they're deadly. So they're not just real bad. The designation for these guys is one we reserve for the worst kind of criminal there is a somebody not simply bad/but sinister.
These are guys who commit uncommonly vile acts, some too gross to describe. And sadistic is too good a word to characterize the worst of their crimes, iniquitous too mild, obscene too vague. That's your bte noire: vulgar, vicious, villainous and virulent in the end, to the end an end noxious/toxic/lethal.
You can't feel sorry for this guy or his genre. But they like it when you do. Your mercy on top of their madness makes their day. They glory in the novelty and incomprehensibility of it. Because they see the beautiful irony in it
After your review of this abstract: Maybe you'll think I've been too harsh. Maybe you'll think I've been too blunt. Maybe you'll think I've been too vindictive. Maybe you'll think I've got issues. Maybe this, maybe that. And, maybe you'll just be thinking about reading this harrying treatise. If so . . .
Get ready for the ride. It'll be bumpy. So hang on

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