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No Greater Love

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Kathy once lived in a nightmare known only to herself and her abusive husband. She did all she could to hide the sorrow, fear, and anger she felt inside, especially from her two daughters. For Kathy, divorce was a release from Bruces cruelty, psychological games, and control. To her daughters, it was the start of a period of great resentment.

The stress of Kathys new home environment only aggravates thirteen-year-old Lisas compulsive lying. She returns sullen from each weekend visit with her father, increasingly desperate for her parents to reconcile. Kathy, however, is only interested in moving on with her life.

When a chance meeting with a new neighbor rekindles a part of Kathys heart that she thought was too damanged to ever love again, shes taken aback. But she cannot deny her attraction to Matthew, and soon, the wounded divorce is transformed into a bride-to-be. Enraged, Lisa tells a devastating lie about Matthew, in the hopes that her mother will cancel the wedding. Not yet satisfied with the results, Lisa coerces her sister to lie for her, and the young girls false testimony is enough to get Matthew convicted and sentenced to years in prison.

Knowing with every fiber of her being that her fianc is innocent, Kathy prays that the truth will somehow emerge. Can she convince her daughters to step up and do the right thing to save Matthew? She needs a miracleperhaps the miracle of love.

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