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What God Is Now Telling His Prophets About the End Times

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This is our second book. When we wrote our first book concerning the end times, we were living in Montgomery, Alabama of the United States. Since we wrote the first book we have moved with our three children, Elijah Jeremiah Ezekiel, Daniel Isaiah and Rebekah Anna Franklin. Even before we finished writing the first book, God told us that we would write this book also. A certain saint ,preacher and prophet came to us with a message from God. He prophesied many things that God would use us to do. Part of the prophecy was that we would write another book. He visited us with this prophecy in the second half of the year 1994.

This was a surprising prophecy to us. We thought that the first book would be the only one we would write. We had given all we had to give in this book.

On February 1, 1995 while in prayer, between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., God spoke to us directly and said that we would write another book. This was a very special week for us. The day before, January 31, 1995, our oldest son Elijah Jeremiah Ezekiel Franklin had his fifth (5th) birthday. On February 2, 1995 he was filled with the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in other tongues and baptized in the name of Jesus. This was a burden lifting experience for us. We had been praying every day since before he was born for him to be born again and now, finally, it had happened. God had told us a few days before of some great work in the ministry that he would use us for. A day after Elijah was filled with the Holy Ghost, he prophesied of the very thing God had told us a few days earlier. We had not told him, neither could he have known what God had told us.

As we have said, this is the second book we have written. Both of these books are related to the end times. We write this book as a kind of companion book to the first book. Our first book has as its title, Proof That Your Leaders Have Deceived You And The End Times.

This, our second book, unlocks many mysteries concerning the end times which God revealed to us. After you read this book, the scriptures concerning the end times will no longer be hard to understand. In fact, the Book of Revelation and other end time prophesy scriptures will be some of the easiest scriptures to understand in the Holy Bible.

What we provide you in this book is not something concerning the end times that is theorized and taught by man as others have written, but we provide you revelation and understanding from the throne of God. In fact, others dont make this claim, but we proclaim that the words we write are from God. If any words that are spoken are written be contrary to what we write, they are lies. We have received from God and we have received again from God for confirmation. Our words line up with Gods words in the Holy Bible and they must, otherwise they also would be lies.


Regrettably, the answer is NO of most of you in the United States.

However, the answer is YES for a certain number in the United States. We thank God!

Also, the answer is YES for great multitudes in many places other than in the United States. We rejoice!

Without God providing us this revelation and wisdom, we neither would know and could write anything. So we, appropriately, write this book for the Lord God Almighty JESUS praise, glory, honor, tribute, thanks, worship, will, pleasure and for the salvation of souls.

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