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Journey into Loving You

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Most of us have been taught a lie. A lie that says everything which is good and worthwhile is outside of you and you must find it there externally. The lie says that all acceptance, validation, love, approval and joy must be given to you, by someone else and found somewhere else. You are not alone in accepting this lie, the majority of the world population also shares this belief in this lie with you. The lie is, it is not outside of you, or with anyone else, or somewhere else. The truth is all the love, acceptance, validation, approval, and joy is waiting for you within.

You can fulfill you, validating yourself through acceptance, love, approval, and joy, and do not have to look outside yourself for it. An overflowing source is ready for you to tap into. This can empower you, create confidence, the ability to be in any situation, with any type of person, and you will no longer need them to empower you because you were already doing it for yourself. When you do receive love, acceptance, validation, approval, or joy from another, it becomes a sharing experience that is not required to meet a need.

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