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Guardians of the Amulet: The War for the Galaxies

122 pages1 hour


Upon the heartbreaking loss of her colleagues and mentor, Sable, the guardian of darkness, finds herself facing a new battle with enemies rising darker and stronger than ever before. But it is her destiny to unite the others and save the galaxy as we know it.

Although her loss has left her feeling ashamed, frustrated, and betrayed, Sable gets back on her feet and shoulders the responsibility to search for and train the next generation of guardians. She quickly discovers the four elemental protectors for the star princess and begins teaching them their individual skills of magic to prepare for a great battle that is about to unfold.

But there is dissension in the ranks. The four protectors have trouble getting along, and working together is incredibly difficult. Sable must unite them if they are to be victorious against the darkness about to enfold the galaxy. Can they live up to the challenge and rekindle the amulet? These girls must overcome their differences in one epic mission, with millennia of history on the line.

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