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The Lotus: A Story of Transformation

52 pages47 minutes


It is the 1960s, and teenager Deena is an unhappy, angry, and rebellious girl. Confined to bed after a bike accident, she is visited by a mysterious stranger who takes her on a life journey of self-discovery, surrender, acceptance, and compassion.

Life doesnt always go as planned, in fact, it rarely does; however, the greatest gift you can give yourself is faith that whatever happens actually is the plan.

She closed her eyes and drifted off. At first it sounded as if someone was humming a tune outside, then she blinked open her eyes to see a hazy figure of a young man, leaning, arms folded, against the window.

Who are you? she sat up, wide-eyed. She couldnt be sure, but it seemed he had some sort of wings attached to his back. He was wearing a loose grey sweatshirt, black gym pants, and had the presence of a majestic eagle. He had strong, manly features, warm brown eyes, the colour of melted chocolate, and dark, wavy hair.

Wow, she thought, unreal!

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