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Going It Alone

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Going! Going! Gone!

This is a travel story with a difference.

A tale of misadventure, should SHE have a name, and wonder. It is a short story about life and the difficult art of navigating its trails.

Those who for different reasons find that life sends them down a path unknown or dare wonder what it is all about if anything at all. This is that sort of story.

The writer did, and still does wonder.

Is that an issue, only for those who have not asked the question the author thinks.

Readers can peruse this tale and make their own decisions about such deep and ponderous notions.

And for those who think they are lost and alone in the world, it is full of others just like you.

Remember then, you are not alone.

Chance and opportunity bring like persons into contact, and as such what seems to those unfamiliar a lonesome path is abundant with those who tread its boards.

This is the story of one of those many.

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