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Given a Second Chance: The Novel

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Buying a winning lottery ticket, this single mother, Jessi Rae, her two daughters, and her two closest friends, dreams come true. For Jessi it was a Bed & Breakfast, in the country, along Lake Michigan. Her two closest friends, a boutique and coffee shop. Finding the perfect spot they combined their dream, but soon after getting settled in Jessis world took a major twist, when dreaming of a man getting murdered in a farmhouse.

One night, coming home from her parents place, she and two her daughters got caught in a bad storm. Forced to take shelter in an abandoned farmhouse, she meets Craig, the troubled spirit of the man having been mistaken for his best friend.

Now back to settle the score with the man who killed him, Craig needs Jessis help. One problem though, they had never planned on falling in love.

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