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Love.Com: Book Three in a Series of Four

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What happens when the biggest R&B superstar goes online for romance?

The desire to find true love and be loved for who you really are is universal for men and women, even when you're one of the biggest R&B superstars in the world who is constantly controlled by the Mafia. For DLove, his real desire is to divorce the mob and marry a beautiful, ordinary New York woman who understands him and his world. When he goes online anonymously to find his match, he falls in love with his dream girl who thinks he's someone else. He realizes his life is riddled with Catch-22's, from women loving him for what he is rather than who he is to the Mafia giving him his start and his relentless quest to be free of them. As the mob continually comes to his aid when his younger cousin gets kidnapped and an ex-bodyguard threatens to write and publish a tell-all book about him, his dreams of leaving his Mafia allegiances behind are dashed when they make him an accessory to murder - ensuring their hold on D and his career. As the insanity unfolds D fights to rise above it all and surrenders only to love.

Love.Com is Book Three in a series of four.

Growing up in the streets of NYC, D knows the mafia would kill you just on principal. Add money to that equation and you're dead meat. Knowing the risks, D used the mob to get a leg up in the music business early in his career. Now years later as an R&B star, he cannot seem to break those ties. The more he tries to separate himself, the tighter a squeeze they put on him. Anthony Arena is the mafia soldier that has his deadly grasp on D. He uses extortion and murder to cement the relationship and D feels stuck with his earlier choices in life. All though his life feels like a dead end, he still believes in love. Victoria is the woman who captures D's heart when he goes online anonymously looking for the girl of his dreams. The antics of her two best friends and crack-head brother spin comedy and tragedy into the mix. As sex, drugs, extortion and murder play out all around D and his online sweetheart the one thing they both believe in stands strong. Their trials and tribulations prove that love is the most powerful force on earth and even stronger than the Mafia ties that bind.

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