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Scrapbook: (A Collection of Poems)

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This collection of poems is dedicated to children, in general, but specially to my children and grandchildren. The things I care most in life are family, children, literature, arts and nature, so in my poems I tried to make a mix of all.
With this book, I dont expect to make any profit, but to let people know my feelings and sensations toward my observations about the topics I like. This book also is a way for me to leave something eternal to my grandchildren and students.
My sincere thanks to those who may read my writings and appreciate my drawings. I hope to provide nice moments during their reading.
My grandson, Calvin, deserves a special honor, for being the first source of my inspiration.
My sincere thanks to my husband and family, friends and workmates, who encouraged me to go on with my poems.
Also, I would like to thank, in special, my son Augusto for his patient help, suggestions and technical support on the illustrations, and my friend Rosana, who corrected my writing, coaching me with her enthusiasm.

Rubene M. C. de Avellar
So Carlos, October, 2012.

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