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Guardians of Honor:The Plebes

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In the fight against terrorism, there is a thin line between what is criminal and what is necessary. After discovering through clandestine informants that a group of home grown extremists is attempting to use West Point as a training ground for its future leaders, the army fights back. To do so, the Academy recruits an unlikely heroinea shy but strong-willed female cadet named Casey Sullivan. Throughout the operation, Casey negotiates an ethical minefield between the high standards of the West Point Honor Code, her Christian convictions, and the demands of serving undercover in the morally ambiguous world of intelligence operations. Under the tutelage of Myra Washington (a West Point Tactical Officer), Casey assists the U.S. Intelligence Community and the Israeli Mossad in their race to stop the extremists.

The Guardians of Honor series takes the reader on a walk down the moral tightrope between honorable service to the nation and the tragedy of losing ones moral compass for all the right reasons. The fictional series is unique because it is the first to explore the U.S. Military Academy through the eyes of the female cadets and officers serving there, and because the underlying Christian message of hope is a positive one. Guardians of Honor: The Plebes is the first book in this groundbreaking series.

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