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March Was When Jesus Was Born and Not Christmas

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This book is our thirty-fourth (34th) book which we have written. Shortly after we finished writing our thirty-third (33rd) book, A Man Named Bush Prepared The Way For The Anti- Christ, God said that we should write this book. We finished writing the thirty-third (33rd) book on December 11, 2001. At the time when God said we should write a thirty-fourth (34th) book, we had no idea what we would writing on. In fact, we only learned, God told us on Friday, afternoon, November 14, 2003.
This is a life changing book. As our cover implies, we will show you that JESUS birthday is not Christmas. We will show that the Christmas extravaganza was before JESUS was born. We will show you that it was, even, in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. You will be shocked/astonished several to many times when you read this book. We will show, by scripture, the actual month JESUS was born. We will even provide the day of the month for JESUS birth. We believe we will even show the day that JESUS was born. The greatest skeptic, if you believe the Holy Bible, will agree with us. Much, much, more will you learn. Yes, and like most of our thirty-three (33) previous books, we will give you revelation from Good about the end times. Even related to Christmas. Even related to JESUS birth; THE MARCH BIRTHDAY.

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