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A Squirrel’S Breakfast

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As the highest ranking female officer in her division, situated in a small town just north of London, Detective Inspector Ann Treadwell is usually the first person called when a case involves abuse against a woman. One such horrific event rears its ugly head when a young woman is found in a cage in an abandoned mine on the outskirts of town. Ann learns little from the traumatized victim but soon determines that she was kidnapped and held captive for an indeterminate amount of time and was quite possibly tortured.

One look at the victim tells Ann that she must find who did this before he strikes again. However, Anns investigation is impeded by an eccentric boss and a host of misfit temporary partners that she has to deal with when layoffs thin the number of experienced officers.

As Ann digs deeper into the victims past, she uncovers shocking evidence that stretches back twenty years. Her case now points to high-ranking men of wealth and power. How are these men involved with the victim? What does the victim have to do with them? Ann will put her life on the line to find out and, in the process, come face-to-face with some of her most disturbing memories. Only time will tell if shell emerge a victor - or a victim.

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