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Walking with Angels and Dragons: The Midwife’S Heritage

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A mothers biological experience of birth overwhelmingly captures every ounce of her physical being and has drawn endless cultural attention as a cataclysmic event. The actual moments of birth are indeed spectacular and amazing - a miraculous event that reflects the Heart of God. But surprisingly this sensorial transaction accounts for perhaps one tenth of what is actually packed into this small window of time. The remaining ninety percent of this phenomenal wonder occurs in a world unseen by our human eyes. There is a supernatural process of radiant creativity in operation that goes back to the beginning of time and forward to the end of time. Birth, the biological moment of transition, merely connects the small tangible piece of the flesh to the bigger pieces of a supernatural journey which is stunning and amazing, because Yahweh God is an absolute genius at doing life.

As a believer in Yeshua the authors journey to fulfill her destiny has led her down an exquisite path of discovery into this unseen world. Working as a Midwife for the last 50 years has taught her to live life, not from this small, tangible, temporary world, but from the magnificent spirit world that encompasses it and lasts forever. The true stories in this first book have focused on redeeming the gift of Kairos moments for Gods Kingdom, and a tiny bit of how angelic forces help us do that in the midst of a world of darkness.

This book is not about birth or midwifery. It is a collection of stories that demonstrate the faithfulness of Yahweh God, the designer of birth, and the author of its supernatural dimensions, who engages intimately with earth to touch our every need. It is His story written through the lives of His people.

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