The Magic of You

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The Magic of You

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In The Magic of You,

You are the main actor of your own story!

Do not hesitate to disguise yourself and play the part of each character in every short story included in this very special and magical book.

Completely inspired by Spirit, each story is sorted by date so you can fully experience the values and life lessons they contain.

Reading, repeating, but mostly imagining yourself in these stories by becoming each character will create magic in your life, especially if you take some time every day for the amount of days written on top of each page.

It is a wonderful way to start your day for it will uplift your spirit, and you will be able to see the power of imagination and the law of attraction in action.

I deeply encourage you to practice these values in your daily lives for your ultimate happiness.

Imagination + Action = Creation.

Be creative! Enjoy yourself! But most of all,

Kare Less and love more!

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