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Grab onto Your Shorts: A Farce in Space

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Grab Onto Your ShortsA Farce in Space is an easy read, near future story; the first in a series highlighting the unpredictable adventures of a group of quirky scientists in their haphazard attempt to explain the inexplicable.

Does a higher power exist?
How was the universe created?
What is the single most important guiding principle throughout creation?
Are we alone in the cosmos or does other intelligence exist?
Is intergalactic space travel possible given the constraints of time, space and the speed of light?
What about an afterlife? Is our existence limited to our short stay on Earth?
Can a juicy Italian roast beef sandwich be consumed after being stored in the front pocket of a pair of trouser for three days; how about a bologna sandwich after a week in a back pocket?
Who makes the best donuts in the world?
Climb aboard the starship Probably with Captain Phizz and his crew as they take you on a wild voyage through the cosmos entertaining these and other mysteries of the universe.

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