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You Must Have Focus (On God), Faith (In God), and Favor (Of God): In the Process of Fulfilling God’S Purpose Through Christ Jesus

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In chapter 4 talks about focus on giving God Thanks for Everything.

The Holy Spirit led me to further focus on my ancestry, who faithfully served and dedicated themselves to God. They prayed to pave the way for the next generation to be strong, unable to uproot from Gods Word and purposeto stay focused, faithful, obedient, and serve God in Jesus name to the fullest.

Focus on Gods Word, and see it come to pass.

And it shall come to pass that when your days are fulfilled to go to be with your fathers, I will raise up your off-spring after you, who will be of your sons, and I will establish his kingdom.
I Chronicles 17:11

My great-great-grandfather, Elder Aaron Bazemore (in middle); my sister, Angel (far left); and myself, Linda (far right)

In Jesus name, thank you, Heavenly Father, for answering the prayers of my ancestry and allowing me to see the mantle of God being passed to the next generation and generations to come. Thank you, Lord, for choosing me and my offspring to come. Amen.

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