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A Prophet’S Journey: My Search for Destiny

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There was a battle for my soul that warm October day in 1939. It was a spiritual battle for my destiny, good versus evil. The weather that twenty-first day was unusually warm, and by the time of my birth at 5 p.m., the thunderstorms were strong, with lightning shooting across the heavens.

Another unusual detail of my birth was I was born with a veil over my head. I would later find my superstitious family believed this to be significant. If I had been born in a hospital, no one would probably have known of the veil. But my fathers family took great joy in this fact, and though they went to church, they kept their superstitions as well. To them it meant I would be a fortuneteller or a psychic.

However there were conditions to fulfill before that superstition could manifest. For me to receive this gift, the veil must be buried in the ground. If it were burned instead, the gift would never come to pass.

This veil is sometimes referred to as a caul or hood that is the thin remnant of the amniotic sac. In medieval times, it was considered to be good luck, and in the psychic community began to be called a veil. It was believed by the psychics that a person born with this veil would have good luck and an unusual destiny. I say, only Gods people have a strange and peculiar destiny. I became His prophet.

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