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Overcoming Rejection: Through the Love of God: My Story

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In order to determine where the source of negative behavior comes from in our lives, we must locate the root. In many lives at the root of negative behavior, youll find rejection. Rejection in its simplest form is defined as non-acceptance. This creates problems. For human beings, we have a strong need to belong. We desire acceptance. When we dont experience it, it can drive us to deep extremes. For example, a school aged child may lack attention at home and as a result may rebel to gain attention at school.An adult who may have never received healthy attention growing up as a result over achieves in areas of their lives in an attempt to gain attention.
One way to overcoming rejection is to know your identity. There are 2 types of identity to discover: the worlds identity or your God-given identity. For me, it wasnt enough to know my identity in this world because I found I was still lacking something. The more I relied on myself to fix myself, I found I still came up empty - needing that void filled. It wasnt until God saved me and I began to learn more about Him and His love for me that I began to discover my identity in Christ. His purpose for my life, His purpose for my existence. Prayerfully as I am transparent with my life and how rejection had me blind to my true identity displaying negative and unwanted behavior, it will also bring illumination into your own life exposing unwanted behavior and locating the root of the behavior...which in often cases is rejection.

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