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The Watchnight Songs

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The book is a compendium or a collection of over eighty poems, which address our physical make-up, socio-cultural attitudes about life, African political landscape and its historical past poetically.
The first section of the book begins with a simple reflection on human body as it compares favorably and fittingly with the larger human society.

The second part explains the sociology and philosophy of life, thats the societys definition of, and expectation of life from individual; more so, the concept of vanity of life.

The belief every culture and every human society hold so dearly, seen differently.

The third part focuses on the failure and corrupt nature of man and the monumental impact of this weakness on the created social institutions within the framework and dynamics of political engineering.

Part four of this book literarily highlights on slavery, one of the worst evils in the history of mankind; more important, it explains how the obnoxious trade impacted negatively the territory where practiced; the socio-cultural and political effects of the criminal act, several centuries thereafter.

The final part of the book provides a broad spectrum on Africa continent from the very ancient to pre-Christian times through countless eras or periods of rising World Powers, which Africa and her children witnessed either as a participant or as a victim to the modern times.

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