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Sentenced but Not Silenced: (The Paradigm of a Poet's Prophecy)

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This book is a prophetic peek into the heart of this author, through the eyeglass of his mind, reasoning, belief, and faith. The laughter and lamentations expressed herein are blatant examples of how poetry can shed a light of revelation on the unknown, reveal the hidden wisdom of the most darkest of hours lived by the misguided fool, and tell a story a lot better than a painting worth a thousand words.

This is a mental diary-like manuscript compiled of emotions, moods, experiences of the heart, prophetic visions, relationship rules, and ethereal thoughts all fueled by Allah-inspired direction and written to and for those who have only silenced their minds in order to become aware of His presence in them and of the presence of the storms that are forever raging in us and around us.

These are writings and songs of joy, encouragement, and inspiration sometimes painted with warning and other times shaded with the answers to the whys that often pester our consciousness and unconsciousness.

Finally, this book is a formal invitation to the reader. It is a request for your company that you might journey with the author outside of the realms of this soul-plane to a Spiritual plane, elevating from this level where man strives to be man with god to a level where we here, are ascending to be God in Man.

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