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Jumper Cables: Jumpstart Your Life and Career Battery to New Levels of Success.

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Jumper Cables Go ahead and ping-pong that item in your head and what comes to mind? If, as I do, you envision an essential part of a cars emergency pack stowed away in a dirty corner of your cars trunk, this will take on a parallel meaning as I explain. Jumper cables are not too expensive and most drivers have been tutored ad infinitum to always have a pair of these in the car at all times just in case the battery is dead or is having the last rites administered as the key is turned (always at a very inopportune time) and hear that sickening click click - click sound. Life offers disabilities and obstacles to everyone. Jumper Cables, the right help at the right time, is about not becoming a victim but to confront and challenge the disabilities and obstacles. It is about an attitude of continuous improving of self with determination and commitment. Jumper Cables and its use is a symbolic illustration of my professional and personal journey. Take a second to examine where you are in life. Is your battery getting low needs recharged? How is your career? Are you happy with decisions you have made in life? What about regrets you have encountered? How strong are your devoted relationships to your family? What about your commitment to faith? Your dedication to your country? Are you happy with yourself; personal appearance; intelligence? Do you really feel fulfilled? These are very difficult questions that people tend to ignore as they live their day-to-day events. Then one day a person wakes up and to realize that they are not who or where they want to be in life; via a battery malfunctioned. The battery stopped working and the help wasnt there.

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