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Bless Me Until You’Re Satisfied: God Is the Blesser—God Wants His Blessings to Flow in Our Lives

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Bless Me until Youre Satisfied offers itself as a guide to the Scriptures witness to the abundant blessings God desires to pour out into the lives of all who follow Him in faith. By drawing upon his ministry as a pastor and his work in a counseling center dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk youths, Joseph Harris lifts up the overwhelming power of Gods blessings in the face of lifes challenges and adversities.

Each chapter of Bless Me until Youre Satisfied typically begins with a passage from the Bible, followed by a bless me statement, which draws out the theme of the passage and applies it to daily life. The balance of each chapter then delves into the riches of Gods blessings and traces the chapters theme as it appears throughout the whole of the Scriptures.

Life sometimes weighs us down with worries. Other times we burden ourselves with the bad choices we make. If you feel like you are dragging around a great load, then Bless Me until Youre Satisfied can help you. It reveals Gods answer to your prayers for assistance; it describes the riches of His blessings; it leads you to ask Him to bless you until He is satisfied and you are made whole.

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