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Unbottling the Wind

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Johnny Cash has succeeded in chasing the wind and he eventually bottled it when he got hitched
to Joy. They had gotten married and lived together as husband and wife in the bottled wind.

As with many marriages what one sees on the surface did not reflect the exact thing that was going on beneath. It was a happy marriage but Joy used to be a very loose character and she was ready to get unhitched. The marriage was alright to her but she wanted out of it.
It took a couple of intrigues and plots to get out of it. The love was still there, but the love for a freer and loose life was stronger. She plotted to take off with a large chunk of his estate but he was equal to the task while she was making use of another co-worker in his company where she now worked too.
At the end she did not quite get what she wanted, monetarily, but the divorce was granted and that was how the wind got unbottled.

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