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Ninety Days

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Deep within a Vietnamese jungle, an inexperienced American unit has just been ambushed. As their infantry battalion commander is led through the darkness by a rope tied around his neck, branches tear at his body as he stumbles with exhaustion. Lieutenant Colonel Steven Marion is a great prize for the North Vietnamese, and now he is officially a prisoner of war.

As the American military attempts to determine whether he is alive or dead, Marion is marched off to a prison camp in Cambodia where he is hypnotized by the enemy, who hope to return him back to the United States to spout anti-American propaganda. But little do they know that the man who guards Marion is carefully developing a plan to defect to South Vietnamwith the help of his American prisoner. Meanwhile back home in America, Marions wife, Elaine, is notified that her husband is dead. As she quietly moves on with her life and marries again, Elaine has no idea that Marion is still alive.

Ninety Days is the compelling story of an American battalion commander who must battle to survive in war-torn Vietnam as the life he knew back home slowly crumbles.

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